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The first ever Premier League TV rights deal was agreed at £191 million to be spread over 5 years (1992-1997).

In 2016, they signed a new deal worth an astonishing £5.14 billion to be spread across just three years (2016-2019).

The live broadcasting of sport events can be on TV, radio, and other broadcasting outlets. Widely recognised sports clubs will secure a huge amount of revenue from broadcasting rights every year, however, smaller clubs do not get national coverage like this.

That said, people rarely tune in live anymore. Britain’s appetite for subscription video steaming services (SVoD) has grown massively since the introduction of brands like Netflix. The major shift in viewing habits means that now more people tune into streaming services than traditional broadcasting.

Of those interested in streaming sports, 56% would pay more for online streaming than traditional TV channels. In households with children that number jumps to 70%, or 78%^ who self-report as “intense” sports fans. These statistics are according to Vimeo Livestream.

Sportals TV gives you a platform to showcase exclusive content to your fans. From match-day highlights to post-match interviews, Sportals TV allows you to monetise this feature by offering monthly subscription packages to fans.

Your fans can watch on-demand and live videos at home, in your stadium, or on the go. The ability for fans to favourite videos means you can get access to analytics and find out what your fans want to see.

A rugby league team implemented Sportals TV back in January 2018 that generated £23k in revenue in the first 14 months. Income is generated not only through membership subscriptions but also additional sponsorship revenue for video intros and outros.

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