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According to Statista, sports sponsorship spending reached $17.6bn in Europe in 2018.

Treat your Sponsors right and they'll become your Partner

Partnering with brands and local businesses will gain revenue for your club in return for some form of advertisement which will gain them brand awareness and custom from your fan base.

Here are some of the sponsorship opportunities your club could offer;


  • Stadium
  • Kit
  • Mascot
  • Stand
  • Player
  • And much more!


You could also offer your Sponsors more than just increased brand awareness. Sports clubs often entice sponsors with free/discounted entry to events and matches, entries into prize draws and free club merchandise. The packages usually vary in different types and sizes of clubs, and of course, you should only offer within your means.

Who Can You Target

Here’s the easy part, you’ll usually find that a lot of local businesses actually want to be a part of community sports teams even if you can only offer them minor coverage.

Some ideas of businesses to target;

  •   Restaurants, Takeaways, Cafes etc.
  •   Pubs and Bars
  •   Hotels
  •   Other local companies

Don’t forget about your suppliers, when you spend money with companies frequently, for example your kit provider or your beverage stockist; you could always approach these for sponsorship as you have a mutual interest in a partnership.

Secure A Sponsor

When it comes to getting sponsors on board, it can be as simple as knocking door to door or leafleting to your local businesses but there are ways in which you can encourage sponsorships and offer incentives to potential sponsors.

Remember, companies will choose to sponsor you for different reasons, for example, they may have a personal interest in your sports club (i.e. a fan) or they might want more brand exposure. The various motivations behind sponsors will determine how you should propose your offer to them, it may be the case that you have specific sponsor packages or you could also tailor make these to suit.

Formally addressing larger sponsors by letter is usually the best way to engage but make sure it is to the point and lists the benefits of your sponsorship.

If you’re aiming for online Sponsorships (on your website) you could display your website traffic statistics to show the potential amount of users that will see your Sponsor’s advert.

How Can Sportals Help You

When you move to a SPORTALS system, you will have your own Sponsor Relationship Manager (SRM) which will help you store and manage all of your sponsorship information in one place.

We encourage all clubs to gain sponsorships therefore we have built in a dedicated area (Advert Manager) where you are able to manage sponsorship advert placements across your website, whether it be a homepage banner, a players profile or a side bar.


One feature SPORTALS customers really benefit from is our Business Directory. This website page gives sports clubs a place to showcase all local sponsors and gain recurring revenue.

The Business Directory could be promoted as a sole package to smaller businesses who still want to sponsor the club for minimal cost or even as an enhancement to existing sponsors.

Some examples of how you can use your Business Directory;

1 Advert in the Directory = £10/month or £90/year

If you were to have 50 local companies paying £10/month to be in your directory, that’s £500/month for your club, that’s £6000/year!


To boost your online sponsors, why not offer a 1 Month Homepage Ad in a monthly prize draw for your Business Directory Sponsors?

What Makes Sportals Stand Out

 We never take a percentage of the profit made from website advertisements and we never will. You keep all of the profit generated from your website advertisements – so what are you waiting for?

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